Support for real-time low latency audio; synchronous play and record [UPDATED]

Android does not have support for real-time low-latency audio.

UPDATE: Android JellyBean 4.1 has made the situation better, but it is still far from perfect. Check out this site for more information on the updates to low-latency audio on Android 4.1.

The following are iOS applications which utilize low-latency audio. Applications such as these are not currently possible on Android.

Some choice quotes:

I am developer of real-time audio signal processing applications. I am interested in creating applications for sale in the android marketplace, but found that android has no method for real-time low latency audio.

If Android marketplace applications are to compete with apps from other mobile phone PLATFORMs, the NDK needs standardized APIs to support real-time low latency audio; with simultaneous and synchronous play and record.

Hello Guys, don’t get impressed by Gingerbread. As noted above, the docs mention that OpenSL doesn’t bring any performance improvement.

I develop music production apps for iOS. If I were selfish, I would want Google to keep egregiously floundering as they have been with low latency audio. It is MUCH easier to focus on one platform and I feel comfortable to develop for iOS exclusively thanks to this colossal lack of foresight. The CoreAudio team at Apple knows what they are doing and soon Google will be 3 or more years behind. It is entirely possible that the Android team just doesn’t understand this issue at all — this is sad — it doesn’t just effect the music production market, it has an adverse effect on the obviously larger gaming market as well.

as a pro music production company in hollywood, i just came back from the NAMM show and there were a hundreds of I-os apps shown and few for android. and every software designer says that the sdk and latency issue with android is holding them back from porting their apps.

This is VITAL. I have many games that, with the help of Andosbox, I can run on my android phone. From a consumer’s point of view, this is exactly why I switched to android.

However, many of these games require MIDI support for music, which would require lower audio latency to even work with any form of emulation.

Not to mention that all MIDI support was removed from Android pre-1.0, something I HATED hearing.

via Issue 3434 – android – need NDK support for real-time low latency audio; synchronous play and record – Project Hosting on Google Code.

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UPDATE via Android, High-Performance Audio in 4.1, and What it Means – Plus libpd Goodness, Today