Android Lacks Audiobook Support in .m4b Format

Android devices lack the ability to play .m4b audiobook & podcast files. Sure, you can try and jimmy your .m4a or .mp3 audiobooks, but it most likely won’t work as planned. I don’t understand why this isn’t supported yet…. and judging by some of the user comments, neither can you.

Some choice quotes:

In the digital age we live in, where everything has an RSS feed and podcast attached to it, not having built-in M4B bookmark reading support is a make it or break it feature. Nothing against Google’s Android, but the music player is sort of what makes the iPhone an end-all portable media device. I really hope people are working on making the media player look, feel, and act much more user-friendly. I see a lot of room for improvement. And this is coming from a guy who has an iPhone, but wants out of the walled-garden that is Apple products. Save for the random text messages being sent to the wrong person, this issue and maybe video editing not being as feature rich as the iMovie app, I really want to get an Android device. But again, this is a make it or break it feature. I’m a podcast junkie. M4B’s make podcasts fun. So why can’t Android make M4B podcasts easy?

The current audio players do not seem to be able to cope with large files, making
listening to audiobooks impossible. When I fastforward a book, it will always jump to
the second file. No bookmarks makes me bring my Ipod with me in the car. I would love
to be able to use my Galaxy for this! Please add this to Android!
I’m in this boat as well. When I can play an audiobook at 2x speed and have bookmarks I will dump my

I’ve been googling the term audiobook for android and there is zip! so please add
support for audiobook’s, its the only thing stopping me from switching from my

If I had known that android had no support for m4b I would have not got the phone

I don’t listen to music much, I listen to books a lot. I have m4b books I can’t play.

Please add m4b support.  It’s pretty hard to understand why it’s not there already.

Is there anyway to play m4b audiobooks on google Android phones?  If not, why is it taking so long for this to be supported?

I totally agree, Android needs M4B support!

via Issue 3923 – Audiobook format .m4b support – Project Hosting on Google Code.

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