Andorid Does Not Support Multiple User Logins or Profiles [UPDATED x2]

With the influx of new tablets set to hit the market any day now, it is about time that the Android OS start to support multiple users and accounts, and even possibly a guest account. Android will increasingly be installed on devices that are no longer developed with a single-user in mind, and each user having their own profile would definitely be a positive addition to the OS. A simple touch-selection UI, akin to the Windows 7/XP login screens, would hold behind it each user’s own Google Account credentials, installed apps, homescreens, system and app defaults and settings, icons, sounds, bookmarks, and everything else.

Obviously, this will require a major reworking of fundamental OS architectures, and would never be developed and tested in time for Honeycomb, so let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope we can see something like this in the next Android OS version, Ice Cream Sandwich!

via Multi-User Logins on Android? – Android Beginners | Google Groups

UPDATE: Android, 4.0/Ice Cream Sandwich, has been announced and sadly…. There is still no support for multiple user logins or profiles. I really hope we get to see this much-needed feature on Android soon, because if manufacturers hope to win the “tablet wars”, this will only help. Are you listening Google?

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Android 4.1/JellyBean is out and it STILL doesn’t support multiple profiles. Good news though.. thanks to Android Police, we now know that the basics for multiple profiles are in the source so it doesn’t look like it’ll be too long until we have this! Great job working on this, Google!

Update via Android Police: Multiple User Accounts Are Coming To Android: Miles Of Code Is Already In AOSP, And Some Of It Is Quietly Working On Devices Right Now

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